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Two days later, the band broke up. Since then, generations of local musicians have counted Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad as a seminal influence. Some of them, such as Gloc 9, Bullet Dumas, Dong Abay and Juan Miguel Severo will be guest performers in “Mandiriwa.” Ayala is, however, quick to douse speculation that “Mandiriwa” marks a “return.” For one thing, the members of Bagong Lumad have thriving careers of their own: Barrios as a solo performer and recording artist; and Badiang as an in-demand bassist for, among others, Lolita Carbon. (Tio died in 2008.) For another, Joey Ayala never really left. “I haven’t been very visible, but I never stopped performing,” he said. “I’ve been performing at least once a week for the last 25 years. It’s what keeps me healthy.” His usual venue is the Conspiracy Café in Quezon City, in which he is one of the founding investors. (“An investor who is not really invested,” he quipped.) For the last 15 years, Ayala has also had a parallel career as a workshop designer and facilitator. As his CV puts it, he is “a proponent of pushing the upward spiral of personal evolution, leading with the power of imagination and using the language of the arts.” Why not? As he enters his sixth decade, Ayala has reached a level of contentment that others might aspire to.

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