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Blockchain, the decentralized technology behind bitcoin, could offer privacy and safety to people who have reason to fear that registering with a government could put them in danger. In 2015, Bitnation, which offers users banking, education, notary, and other services without any formal state affiliation, created a Refugee Emergency Response program that participants can use to register for emergency IDs. These allow users to securely verify one another’s identity and connect with far-flung family members. Refugees who want to establish a legal identity in a new country confront countless obstacles—they may have fled without their birth certificate, for instance, if they ever had one. So the UNHCR Biometric Identity Management System, active in 25 countries, collects fingerprints, iris scans, and photographs, and can link them to citizenship records and dates of birth. Biometric identification tools could also help refugees receive financial assistance from nonprofit organizations, according to Rosa Akbari, a senior adviser in Mercy Corps’s Technology for Development division. Iris scanning and fingerprinting, for example, can already be used to verify whether someone is eligible for aid. Official IDs could themselves be made smarter and more useful. The Welcome Card, a finalist in a 2016 UNHCR design challenge, would be distributed to all asylum-seekers in European Union countries as temporary identification. By scanning the cards, which use radio-frequency identification technology, at welcome centers and immigration offices, refugees would be able to check their legal status, learn about language courses, and search for transportation options as they travel across borders.

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